Start Online, Finish in New York.

King’s Crossover is a hybrid program that lets you complete up to two years of coursework online and a minimum of two years in New York City. We offer our unique politics, philosophy, and economics core curriculum in an online format with the same academic standards as our on-campus courses. When you’re ready (after up to four semesters), transition to New York City to complete your degree: no need to re-apply.

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King’s at a Glance

The King's mission is for alumni and faculty to transform society through service in the institutions of culture.


of King’s alumni were employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation


of full-time faculty have a terminal degree in their fields


of graduates completed at least one internship as students


of new students receive scholarships or grants from The King’s College

Save with King’s Crossover

King’s Crossover doesn’t just trim the cost of tuition: it can save you significantly on indirect expenses like housing and transportation. The amounts pictured are generous estimates and will vary from student to student.

Wrestle with Foundational Ideas

What is true? How should we live together and govern ourselves? How can we manage our resources to advance human flourishing? At The King’s College, gain an understanding of history’s enduring questions by studying a core curriculum of Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a Christian framework.

Course Offerings

Online course selections draw from our Core Curriculum in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics, courses which every student at The King’s College completes to develop a biblical perspective on the big questions of poverty, justice, and truth throughout history. These courses aren’t throwaway gen-eds: they tackle the disciplines you need to live, think, and lead. Once you transition to campus, you will focus on your major while leveraging the connections possible only in New York City.

Item 1
Spring 2021
  • Microeconomics
  • Research Writing
  • Western Civ I
  • The Fantasy and Science Fiction of C.S. Lewis
  • Foundations of Politics
  • Literature of Hebrew Scripture
  • College Writing I
  • ISI: Economics and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • Understanding Technology Skills and Processes in the Marketplace
  • Principles of Management and Organization
Summer 2021
  • Literature of Hebrew Scripture
  • Western Civ II
  • Christianity and Society
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Ethics
  • Scientific Reasoning
  • Historical Theology
  • College Writing

Why King’s Crossover?


Online course selections draw from our Core Curriculum in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics to help you develop a biblical perspective on the big questions of poverty, justice, and truth throughout history.


King’s Crossover classes are asynchronous, which means you can listen to lectures and participate in discussion forums at the time that is most convenient to you, as long as you meet weekly deadlines.


Learning online cuts down on living expenses and other indirect costs of college, saving you on average $34,000 over two years. A full-time online course load costs only $465/credit plus a $150 per course technology fee.

Alumni Testimonials

Rebecca Au-Mullaney

Class of 2015

"Right before I started at King’s, I was completing an internship in Nashville that was slated to wrap up several weeks after the first day of classes. That felt like too much time to miss, so instead of having to cut the internship short or postpone my education a whole semester, I enrolled in King’s online courses full-time.

"It was a great decision. The online classes proved to be challenging and engaging, and interactive elements in the courses allowed me to start building friendships with other students who were coming on campus the same time I did.

"When I started in New York City, it was so nice to already know a few other students, and one of my online classmates later became my roommate."

Jake Mahon

Class of 2015

"After high school, I took a gap year so that I could travel and spend time interning for a microfinance institution in Uganda. The ability to not have to attend school physically right away but instead take courses online made a big difference to me.

"One of my favorite courses was on C. S. Lewis’s science fiction and fantasy. It was a phenomenal experience, from the creativity and deep thought that the assignments demanded to the way the professor would reply to each of our posts on the discussion forum. The interaction and peer review in all my classes also facilitated relationships with classmates who came on campus the same time as I did."

Campus Safety

The King’s College prioritizes the health and safety of our community while providing students with an outstanding education delivered by our world-class faculty. We have continued in-person operations with modifications to the typical campus experience during the COVID-19 pandemic. Current modifications include face coverings required on campus, HEPA filter air purifiers with UV light sanitizers, increased cleaning rotations, and campus furniture arranged to allow for social distancing. To make learning accessible to all students, including those with greater health concerns, remote access to courses is also available.

The King’s College Mission

Through its commitment to the truths of Christianity and a biblical worldview, The King’s College seeks to transform society by preparing students for careers in which they help to shape and eventually lead strategic public and private institutions, and by supporting faculty members as they directly engage culture through writing and speaking publicly on critical issues.

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